Connection Analysis

Test Type:Quality Test
Download Speed:13381 kbps
Upload Speed:55 kbps
Round Trip Time:23 ms
Max Route Speed:22794 kbps
Max Pause:505 ms
Bandwidth:35196 kbps
Forced Idle:98
Average Delay:2 ms
Concurrent TCP:2.6
Upload Speed Consistency:15 %
Test Type:s / s
TCP MTU:1452
TCP Receive Stats
Packets not in order:31
Bytes out of order:43772
Packets outside TCP Window:0
Bytes after rec. window:0
Bytes Lost:33888
Duplicate Packets:9
Bytes rec. in duplicate packets:12708
Partially duplicate packets:0
Bytes rec. in partially dup. pkts:0
Pkts rec. w/ bad offset to data segment:0
Pkts rec. w/ bad checksum:0
Pkts rec. which are too short:0
Window probes received:0
Zero Window Updates Sent:0
TCP Send Stats
Packets Retransmitted:2
Bytes Retransmitted:2824
Retransmit Timeouts:2
Fast Transmits:0
Duplicate acks received:9
Persist timer timeouts:0
Acks received for unsent data:0
Pure window upd pkts:0
Windows probes sent:0
Send window close events:0
Ethernet stats
Receive overruns:0
Frames Received w/ bad checksum:0
Frames Received Too Large:0
Frames rec. not octet-aligned:0
Frames rec. too short:0
Frames received truncated:0
Network Stats
Network down time:0 secs
Network up time:20856 secs
Network downtime in current 24 hour period:0.0%
HTTP 3XX Error:0
HTTP 4XX Error:0
HTTP 5XX Error:0
unknown HTTP Error:0
Version:V5.0.0.5a Built: Sep 23 2013 10:35:30
Ms since last restart:5245
Size of FP Queue:400
Glossary of Results

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8 connection problems found, click the to learn more.

SQTR01: The data flow for this test is too erratic

SQMD01: TCP is waiting too long for data

SQRT01: Retransmit Timeout greater than 0

SQPR01: Packets Retransmitted greater than 0

SQBR01: Bytes Retransmitted greater than 0

SQPO01: Packets not in order greater than 0

SQDP01: Duplicate Packets greater than 0

SQBL01: Bytes Lost greater than 0

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